Practice Areas
Commercial Law & Litigation
Nick can turn his experienced hand to most areas of business law, contract dispute etc as would be expected of someone who sits as an arbitrator.
Reflecting his training as a barrister, he is an exceptional litigator and since establishing his firm in 2001, Nick has never (yet) lost a case in court. He's settled many cases, but his philosophy is simple ....litigation is too expensive to gamble on the outcome, preparation, preparation and preparation and attention to detail creates a winning case, or creates a case where the interests of both parties is to settle!
Intellectual Property & Hi Tech Law
Nick Lockett commenced his legal career as a contracts and intellectual property barrister specialising in Hi-Tech law and what was then the emerging internet (in the pre-image days of the internet, when only text could be displayed on a webpage and when most communication was made via bulletin boards). As such he has been at the forefront of many internet and intellectual property developments and has appeared before the European Court in relation to intellectual property disputes. He was responsible for persuading the Courts to allow substituted service by email and the internet where this was to the only means of identification of offenders and infringers. He also sits on a number of hi-tech arbitration panels.
A.I Ethics & Law
Similar to his role in developing internet law, Nick is now heavily involved in Artificial Intelligence and how the law is evolving and how it must evolve as well as many of the ethical problems that AI throws up, including the manipulation of images, deep fakes, and issues arising from generative AI.