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EC Financial Services (Egan Lockett Rushbrook)
Environment Liability Law
EC Unfair Contract Terms (Egan and Lockett)
Practitioners Guide to Confidentiality Agreements
Practitioners Guide to Trade Secrets
World Guide to Internet Law and Practice (UK Editor)

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Golden Nuggets: The Right to Light & Ancient Lights
Golden Nuggets: A Guide to Sports Franchising
Techsistential Risk: A.I Law and Ethics

Nick Lockett

Nick Lockett

Over 30 Years of Experience In Legal Services

The Family

The family..........


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The great love of Nicks life, together with his kids


At university, studying pharmacy


Doing exams, an great race-driver and a pretty good archer too. Andrew is into anything science including warhammer, lots of sports and recurve archery. He is an accomplished kart racer, but at 1.85m, he has outgrown carts and is awaiting a chance to race saloons ...


 If you can't find Alex, she's probably in the library. She also holds numerous county and national championships and records for her longbow archery- National Champion in her class since 2017, indoor and outdoor. Still at school, an exceptionally talented longbow archer