Nick is divorced and has two delightful kids, (but don’t tell them that I’ve said they”re delightful as it will go to their heads) , Alexandra aged 12 years old (well, shortly anyway,  in late Oct 2018) and Andrew aged 14 years old (Sept 2018). 

Alexandra is into music, lots of sports and longbow archery and generally winding her Dad up. She has won awards for her writing and wants to be a novellist in her spare time. (She wants to be a surgeon in full time). if you can’t find Alex, she’s probably in the library.
She also holds numerous county championship awards and records for her archery, so much so that Dad’s had to buy a longbow to coach her further.

Andrew is into warhammer, lots of sports and recurve archery. He is an accomplished kart racer, but at 1.85m, he has outgrown carts and is awaiting an opportunity to enter saloon car racing. Andrew has won high level awards in the National Mathematics challenge. He wants to invent the first practical inter-stellar drive or the first anti-gravity system. When he’s not painting warhammer, he can be found with his head buried in a scientific journal somewhere.  


Nick has been riding horses since the age of 10, although since 2013 he now remains on the ground. He has represented Britain at university level competitions and has taught riding and trained horses. 


Fans of motorsport, Nick specialises in motorsport law and Andrew is a proficient motorsport driver.


Archery is a major interest of the Lockett family who can be found at the venues set out below. Nick will shortly complete his training as a Level 1 Archery Coach.



“Nick writes training guides on Law, Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrencies and (no doubt soon, when he has time) on Archery. “


Elswood Bowmen is one of the friendliest archery clubs in Britain,  based in St Albans, Hertfordshire, originally covering ELStree & BorehamWOOD with members from a wide area including London. (Recurve, Compound, Barebow and Longbow)


Locksley archers is a specialist club for providing Archery in Schools. It is currently based in Hertfordshire and provides archery to schools in Hertfordshire and North London. 


One of the Premier Bowyers in England , although now as well known as Bickerstaffe, Adrian Hayes bows are as good as any and his customer service and attention to detail outstanding. Alexandra shoots an Adrian Hayes Bow called Artemis.